Sorry, too long away. I’ve been in the process of starting a new job in Springfield, MO, with all the attendant complications of moving. But I’m here and I’m settled and I’m happy. And I’m ready to write what lives only in notes so far.

      As we pass from the warm seasons to the cool ones, I’ve had a chance to note an annual seasonal passage along the twists and turns of night-time Highway 5: Frogs. A gazillion of them, it seems, all intent on daring traffic, hopping from one side of the road to the other. Avoiding them is a real trial – and not always a successful one. The attempt to avoid them is constant, the track much like a slalom. In a sad reversal on survival of the fittest, the best hoppers seem to be the first to go; making big leaps from safe places right into the line of my tires. They’re cute, and unfortunately, too often they’re gone. My apologies to frogs past and future that even the most careful driving won’t be able to save.