My friend Ken has made a friend of a little rabbit on his farm in Southside Virginia. The little guy now waits for him on walks, hoping to receive the apple core that Ken saves for him. Recounting the story to friends over the past few days made me think about other critters, what they have and what they don’t.

       We spend time during these holidays reflecting – rightfully – over our neighbors-in-humanity who are in need. But the critters…. As we cut up the bread for our T’giving dressing, we put the crusts on a treestump out back. The next morning, they were gone. Not a crumb remained. The day after, we set the apple cores and peelings on the same stump, and again they were gone the next morning.

     I wonder sometimes, whether the creatures have emotions. I think of them – hungry and cold, trying to find a living space and food in our increasingly developed countryside – coming upon the unexpected bounty. Are they surprised? Are they happy? Or thankful? One thing is certain: Everything is gone, nothing is wasted. Even a little can be joyfully enough: And from that comes my delighted lesson about what I can remember to be. Happy Thanksgiving.