I’ve mentioned my friend Ken before. He lives on the farm that has been in his family for many, many years. Ken has an ability to live simply that is admirable, even enviable. He can find endless interest in small things. And he has the good fortune to own one of the greatest places to walk that I’ve ever known, one of my fave places anywhere: the 200 acres out his back door. farmscape-20-november-2007

       This is the place where the rabbit waits for his apple core every morning. The place where deer startle with their sudden appearance, and harriers hover motionless in the search for prey. Beaver used to inhabit the tidy little swamp. Bobcats have taken up residence. Wild turkeys covey at the edge of a far field

        It’s a place where one can get safely lost and come home tired; where different  walks reveal different looks; where an old cabin way-back-where reminds us of a time when all people were not considered equal. It’s a place that can be spectacularly beautiful. It’s a place that the long afternoon light loves. And Ken is the steward of that pure beauty.

       I haven’t been there in quite some time. But I wanted to share it with you. Take a walk in your thoughts. It’s lovely there.morning-fog-1-9-january-2008