My suspicions that the eagles really do have a nest downriver took on a little more certainty this past weekend. The pair of eagles appeared right behind the house; they danced a beautiful, even poetic, pas de deux over the river just behind the house, in perfect sync, at times flying side by side with their wingtips nearly touching. They circled and soared for a number of minutes, then flew off over the hill.


She is smaller than he; younger, I think, judging by the slight mottling of her underside feathers. And if there were any question about the intent of their dance in the sky, two more sightings soon later helped make their intentions clear. She appeared soon after their dance with a sizable twig in her talons and flew off downriver where I sighted the nest; soon after that, she was seen again with talons trailing some long, mossy stuff.


Sibley talks about lining the stout twig nests with softer stuff prior to egg laying. I’m hoping the things I’ve seen are signs that that event is due. Now if I can only continue to count on the patience of the neighbor who’s extended a kind invitation to come use his lower deck with its clear view of the nest. More soon!!