Although I love the way naturalists speak in certainties, my certainties are a lot less sure.  That’s my long way of saying “wassup with those eagles, then?”

No activity by the nest on Saturday, a day with overcast light that made birding a challenge. But then, circling over the house, a trio: One adult and two more that appeared to be youngsters. The youngsters were “play” fighting…that’s the only way I can describe it, play as opposed to the full-blown fight among adults I witnessed only a couple of weeks ago.

The two would clash, each in turn flipping upside down to meet the attacker’s talons. In their closest-to-earth moments, I could hear the sound their clashing feet made as they came together. The adult flew nearby during the session, as if watching.

Were these youngsters training at war? Was it a mating battle? I wish I knew. I’m just happy to be there to see it. As they say in birding “The more you watch, the more you see.” I’m content to give it all the watching it needs.