It seems heartless to love the ice and snow that have left a few people dead and many more without power; thoughtless to set aside my worry for the house down on the river that might even now be in the grip of a no-electricity freeze…and downright dumb to ignore the idea that I may not be able to get my car out of the parking lot after work. But, damn, it’s beautiful here.

White. Trackless. Telltale, in those rare spots where little birds have stood. I set some food out near the storm culvert where little kitties have been known to hide; a way to assuage my guilt for not going out and trying to find them, to give them a warm, safe place to stay for a while.

Yesterday, a work-from-home day, was a lovely, extended experience of fireplace, warm socks,  cuddling cats, tea at will, and work in perfect, peaceful quiet. No cars on the streets. Nothing to muffle the music of the words (which is the way I write; by ear.) 

The day spent with electricity and water intact was a gift and a privilege. Many of my Ozarks neighbors are not so lucky. The knowledge tempers the beauty. And makes me even more grateful for what I have to celebrate.