With severe weather forecast yesterday–possibly even tornadoes–and not knowing how well I’d be able to hear the sirens in my corner of Republic, I made my way to Radio Shack and bought a Weather Radio. 

The thing was confusing to set up. And until a test day (or an actual alert) there was no way to know whether the device was actually working. Well, I found out.

I was well and happily asleep when BUZZBUZZBUZZ! the weather alarm blasted its warning. Three cuddling cats were instantly in the air and gone; changing direction in the middle of vertical leaps that would have looked good even in the NBA. I was on my feet just as fast, grateful for a strong heart.

No tornado, thankfully. Just a severe storm alert and, soon afterward, wind that could have blown the house all the way to Oz. The weather radio does work. All is well. And I’ve discovered that the alarm’s  “1” setting is quite sufficient for the prevention of middle-of-the-night broad jumps.