Yesterday was my birthday…something I’m totally okay about. And among my lovely gifts (thank you Mary and Mike!)  were three from Nature.

The first came on the way to work: a flock of turkeys in a different spot than usual, far enough down the road that I’m hoping they’re a different group altogether. That was Joy #1.

Joy #2 came in the shape of (what I believe was) a kestrel, hovering, hunting, stooping in the field beside our office (couldn’t get a good enough look through my monocular.) Good for me, bad for the field rat he caught.

The final joy came in the last few yards before the Republic house. A fair-sized critter trotted calmly toward me, crossed the street beside my car, walked into the storm drain. Could it possibly be? I flicked on the brights, the better to see him. It was! A red fox! Handsome and unaffected by my presence. Sometimes the best gifts don’t come wrapped with a bow.