I think, sometimes, that our attempts to find the balance in all things is a human foible rather than a virtue. Emotionally sound, yes, a mirror held to Nature…not so much. The thing is, I find myself contradicting my own position. Over and over again.

Winter. Life, asleep. Green is at a premium. Trees are showing branches broken in past ice storms instead of their foliage. Grass is the color of straw. No flowers. No roses. No fresh tomatoes.

Yet, what we get in return is pretty damned amazing. We get to see the hawks in the trees, or perched, hunting, on fences and wires. Or owls. We get to hear the spare winter birdsongs transition to the songs of spring. We get to watch buds swell and daffodils pop. In the something-new-to-watch-daily is the fun. Is the balance. And in that observation, I shoot my  own argument in the foot. Happily.