I don’t usually post on Saturdays. No internet access on the river. But here I am, a bit out of sorts for having to abandon my time so early, without ever having seen my river.

Car problems. Two towtruck visits. Several hundreds of dollars spent without having the problem fixed. Then, got the car home last evening to do the Friday night Cat  Roundup for the trip down to Arkansas…and once again it wouldn’t start. 

When the engine did turn over at last (I think it has something to do with the ignition switch), I decided that since I could start it, I’d head to the house. But once I got there and retried to start it–nothing. I resolved that if I could manage to start it, I’d drive right back to Springfield, to the land of towtrucks and service facilities. So here I am.

The drive back started before sunup. In the rain. But even with all the automotive angst, a gift. The Ozarks were beautiful in the rain. Like Britain. The fat wisps of mist in the hills were like the campfires of ghosts. One of those wonderfully fanciful woolgatherings that will stay with me. Nature comes through again.