Got to the house at last light., just in time to get the plants watered before darkness took over. An from that simple act came a huge discovery. 

I have a hanging geranium that, with careful placement indoors, survived the winter. I moved it to the top crossbar of the old swing outside the back window, where it has fared less well in the elements, but still lives. As I started to water it, a little wren flew out, startling me. I backed off.

I’ve had wrens build nests in hanging plants before now. That wasn’t the surprise. The surprise came the next morning. The little gal left the nest, so I went to take a look. Four eggs in the nest…and a little pink egg lay outside it. I picked it up. It was still warm and damp. And I placed it gently in the nest with its fellows. 

I’m giving the nest a wide birth for the time being. And if the plant needs to be sacrificed for the little guys’ well-being, so be it. How wonderful it would be to have baby wrens grown up right outside the window.

New sightings this week: Parula (sound only–I never seem to find the darned things for weeks), yellow warbler (sound only), more whipoorwills, many more hummingbirds and purple martins, indigo buntings, and a couple of identifiables. Saw the eagle pair on the bluff, very near where they mated. Three eagles spent a long time in the pasture, swooping and calling from three separate trees. Now if only the warblers would make a showing.