More surprises this weekend, more delights. A pair of crows is building a nest: The male and female have been flying in and out of my yard all day, carefully selecting the just-right twigs. I actually saw one of them choose twig after twig with consummate care, tossing away ones that didn’t quite pass inspection.
The Carolina wren is still sitting. She has ceased to mind whether I am nearby. Her brood will be playmates with another group of fledglings that have been hopping, calling and fluttering all day.

Cuckoos are back…heard, not seen. A prothonotary spent some time calling from directly over my head. Eagles in lengthy conversation right across the river; Sunday they were joined by barred owls. Scarlet tanagers, a gazillion h’birds (who drank a quart of nectar in a single day), a pair of redstarts (my first in Arkansas), and a couple of what-the-heck-was-that birds completed the “good bird” list captured between raindrops. And on the drive back, a roadrunner!

Who says you can’t bird in the rain?