I’ve known cats to like some odd edibles. Old Dodie-cat and her love of cantaloupe was one fine example. Clancy’s fondness for high-end ingredients is another. But this, I didn’t expect.

I’d set out a few raw green beans on a plate; something to nosh on while supper cooked in the oven. I wasn’t alone in my interest. Clancy came close, full of that intent, determined look he gets when I have something that promises to be really, really good. I don’t encourage him to eat what he’s not been invited to share (like the shrimp after raw shrimp I’ve watched him surreptitiously pick out of the strainer where I’d been cleaning them.) But a green bean?

He approached carefully. Looked over the unfamiliar bounty, then delicately chose one; picking it up so carefully that none of the others were disturbed. I waited for him to eat it. But Chef Clancy was in no hurry: He carried the bean happily around the house, talking to it, laying it down then picking it up again.

After a goodly while, he began to play with it–again, gently. A pat here, a nudge there. I started to think that this was some sort of a mouse-tail substitute for him, but no. No tossing or chasing. No aggression. Just a happy half-hour with his newest possession.

He never did eat the damned thing. After a while, when he’d lost interest, the other two cats came to have a look at the rapidly withering thing. But not an ounce of interest from either of them. It was Clancy’s Green Bean. I’ll never understand why. And I’m happy enough not to know.