My friends Matt and Liz were up for the weekend, a lovely time filled with long talks, terrific food and sittin’ and watchin’.

Matt, in the time I’ve been lucky enough to know him, has turned himself into a first-rate cook…another set of skills to add to his wonderful abilities as an Art Director and walking encyclopedia of film knowledge. Man, can he make flavors POP, with perfect combinations of elemental tastes.

And his wife Elizabeth. Oh my. What does one say about a force of nature? This woman is my twin sister from a different mother. A first-rate writer and humorist (she’ll probably get me for calling her that–do yourself a favor and do NOT miss the link to her blog at the left…click Liz’s blog), a photographer with a wonderful eye, and a great maker of desserts… she is one of the most fully realized human beings I’ve ever met.

The two of them together? Not guests. Never that. They are friends deeper than friends, somehow; folks who fill the minutes with conversation with real thoughts and feelings, and make your time with them 100,000 times richer.

Thank you for the lovely present, for the amazing food and wine…and most of all, for the gift of your presence. I adore you.