I’ve never ceased being amazed at the good fortune that diligent looking can bring. Such was the case on Sunday.

A friend was over for a quick hello. As we walked to the truck. I spied a Vee of birds headed southward. A second flock joined the first, from a different direction, and the two mingled and spiraled. But not geese. Miraculously, not so.

Geese fly with their heads held forward on straight necks. These birds were stumpier; they held their heads on crooknecks, as herons fly. Now and then, I’d catch a flash of white against they grey-white sky. A touch of black against the trailing edge of the wing. Pelicans. Maybe 40 or more. And I’d somehow managed to look up just as they appeared.

“Don’t look, and you won’t see” is the adage I’ve seen proven time and again. And on Sunday, a moment that left me smiling for a good long while. Nearly four dozen pelicans. However briefly.