Attraction (whatever that means for eagles). Mating. Nest building. Sitting. And now, babies. Yep, we have at least one chick in the nest, perhaps more. The attentive parents have been–rather fearlessly, to my delight–coming over to our side of the river to fish. The act seems breathtakingly effortless…a swoop, a scoop, and a trout in the talons. Mommy (or daddy) eagle then flies the fish up to the nest, tears off pieces and feeds the little guy(s).

From my viewing angle, I’ve seen only one fuzzy head…but based upon Mom’s attention to various parts of the nest, I’ve had hopes that there are two eaglets in there.

Se seem to have a mini population explosion among our eagles this season. Not far from “our” nest, as the eagle flies, another nest made the news just days ago. One of the eaglets fell out of the nest  and broke a wing…but fortunately was rescued and seems to be doing well. Here’s a photo of him being fed a minnow by the rehabilitator.

Can’t wait to get another nest view this weekend. I’ll keep you posted!