For those of  you who’ve checked in now and then, I’m hoping you’ll join me on a different path for a while. When something as life-shaking as creating a new book takes over your life, that’s pretty much what you want to talk about. Sorta like being in love, no?

It’s been waaayyyy many years since the last one (Sleep: A Horror Story), with Life and the need to eat  tossing roadblocks out in the road day after day. Then, that rediscovery of the thing you were, without question and without reservation, placed on this planet to do, and abruptly the world is different.

A long time ago, a therapist asked me to draw a picture of myself. I drew a tiny person inside a bigger one; lost in there. I wouldn’t draw that picture now. Today, I am the words on the page and the daily, depthless delight of a created world. I am breathlessly eager to start the day, reluctant to cede it to sleep after the sun goes down.

So, long story long, as a dear friend says, please indulge the meanderings of this fresh journey. Nature will be there when I can get to it…it’s much, much bigger and far more determined than I am. Perhaps there will be a dedicated blog for ramblings like this one. But for now, this will be the overflow valve for the rampaging joy of creating something I’ve waited years to rediscover.

Comments are welcome. I hope we’ll still be keeping company. I like it when you come to visit.