I am lucky enough to be present for a birth, of sorts. Or, perhaps, more accurately, a rebirth.

I’m speaking of my friend Blake—half of the couple of Melody and Blake. More about Melody at another posting. This is about B-Boy.

Blake is a man of vast and questing intelligence. A Karmic Warrior. A quiet-yet-bold iconoclast, and one of the most naturally gifted thinkers I have ever met.

This is man whose immense and original talents have been tempered, damped-down, by life’s necessities. That is all about to change.

Blake’s creative desire is the graphic novel. I will be surprised if, once he has conquered that mountain, he stops there.

Blake has begin a journey. One with a million directions to explore. The joy comes in watching where and how he will find his footing; in how willing he will be to discipline his raw talent with the craft that will richen his voice.

Who the hell knows where he will end up. But, buddy, I am honored to witness the journey.