Interesting story on NPR this morning, about the origins of language, and the role of language in making us who we are as humans.

I’ve talked often in this space about the music in the words. But what I wasn’t aware of until this morning was that the brain processes music and language in the same way.

One school of thought–whose acolytes included Charles Darwin–supports the idea that language was sung before it was spoken. It is a predisposition that exists in us today…in the pitches and rhythms we use in speaking to infants and animals.

It is not a far reach to surmise (and we see evidence of this in indigenous societies today) that ancient storytelling cultures used music as the original medium for transmitting tribal tales and histories.

Comforting thoughts, those. Especially to a writer like yours truly whose entire writerly voice is based upon the shapes and meters, the timbres and beats of words. I am vindicated. Music is built into my ancient brain. I sing. Because I must.