There she is. Where she was all along.

Yesterday was tough. Knew it would be. Sobbing to the view of the river. Missing the love that had gone away.

Today, different. Stronger. Full of energy and a will to get back to work.

Yesterday asked me to find the beauty in the transcendent that would get me past the ending. Today was a finding of the mettle to continue; a seeking of my strength in the place it all began. In me.

As I start from word one, working to groom the document from the beginning, I’m waiting to hear how the end is received. I’m restless to know. Chafing at the waiting. Wanting to know that it meant as much to another as it meant to me. Patience is a skill that is earned; it is not the gift of my nature. A lesson there, too.

A lot of lessons. In a very few days. A marathon in sprint time.

And the sun is shining inside.