The Spiritkeeper: It’s a love story. One with a twist, but a love story all the same.

Why a love story?

Okay, this post is going to be a tough one. It’s going to ask for a level of honesty and frank self-assessment and disclosure that may be more than I can manage right now. I’ll start. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to finish. But I’ll try. Bear with me.

Is S’keeper is a love story because I needed a love story in my life, right now? Probably. Sure. But the understanding of it does not stop there: It would be too-too simplistic–and a huge injustice to myself–to say that writing a love story fills a void in my life. Or that it allows me to idealize the relationship that does not currently occupy a place in my reality. So yes. And no.

This is bigger. Bigger than the reality of love or the hope for it or even the idea of it. It is the expression of what I have come to understand is the essence of what, at its best and truest core, beyond a single relationship, animates my life.

And it’s more than that, still. A love story is the vehicle through which I find my farther heart. It’s a way for me to  affirm a greater human-ness. It gives me the eyes through which I can examine the makeup of the thing that lives in us and beyond us. It lets me explore all the sides of myself. It gives the love I feel for my friends a life in words. It helps me understand why love exists at all.

And yes, it makes it just a little easier to not have that particular kind of love in my daily life.

If I do not have that love, I will write it for those who long for it but live, for the moment, without it…for those who reach for it but haven’t managed to touch it…for those who have attained it and have, perhaps, never wondered why. No, I’m no expert at love. Not nearly. Not ever. But that moment of exquisite, extraordinary, soul-deep joy: I do know that. And it’s a thing worth living for.