This is what it’s like. This beautiful place. The words. The emotions. The music of it.

From Word One.

Two days spent gathering some of the 350-plus pages of notes into their proper places, the chapters to be. Nice work. Real work, after all the waiting and wandering and wondering.

Then the work begins. For real. Two more days spent finding the way through them. To the revelations. The persuasions. The structures. The ahhhh and ahahhhh.

Two days of following clear challenges to their clearer conclusions. Two days of letting the words sing. Two days of “where did the past five hours go?” Two days of putting a tired and happy brain to bed early, to hope for more notes-in-the night, to be ready for tomorrow’s work. Two days with one more ahead, with the prospect of an even longer island of uninterrupted time on the near horizon.

That’s what it’s like when the book begins. And it’s the best of all places to be.

As me if I’m happy. Do you need to?