What is it about being horizontal that gives such a boost to writerly thoughts?

Creativity while supine has offered its gifts to me for a long time. With fair regularity, after a long day in the office (and aren’t they all?), I turn to my soft bed an hour or so earlier than my usual bedtime in the hope that ideas will come. And very often they do.

I don’t know why that happens. I don’t understand exactly why being horizontal invites ideas to the mind. The cosseting of that comforting space, maybe. Or the conditioned understanding that, once there, the jeopardy-switch is off, the mind is freed, the thoughts can visit.

Similarly—although in its enactment, the opposite—the nap-to-clear-the-head is a wonderful spur to creativity. Brain is weary. Muzziness settles in. Time for a nap. Amazing what 15 minutes can do. Suddenly, the tangle that my thoughts had become has untied itself. The work can continue with a clearer head.

I’ve often likened writing to sexuality. And so it is: exciting, deeply fulfilling, emotional, and damned fun. Horizontal is the way things happen for me.

Between the sheets. Nice little arena for that particular act of love.