Today is my birthday, and I celebrate the gift of friends.

The ones I’ve cherished for years (Mary and Belinda.)

The family we choose (you know who you are.)

The new ones who pop up unexpectedly, as if I’d known them for years (Rebecca and Claudia.)

The ones re-met, whose kindness and generosity astonish me (JPMathus.)

The ones held close and dear even through the years have separated us (Joni and Marc.)

The ones who write to me every day (you, Lover in the Dream.)

The dear ones who send me flowers to find when I get home.

The ones we

The loved ones with whom I was lucky enough to work, through challenging times.

To the ones I haven’t mentioned here, who still live in my heart.

And the longstanding ones who have made the newer ones possible.

You are my gifts.

I cherish you with everything in me.