After yesterday’s sobbing post, a redemption through the praise of others.

In order: B-Boy who lovingly scolded me for doubting myself. Glorious K whose praise renews my spirit every single day. And an unexpected one…

Claudia Ricci, teacher, blogger, new friend—the woman whose novel “Seeing Red” is currently being serialized on The Huffington Post—carried me on the shoulders of her praise in a way I could neither have suspected or hoped for.

I’d sent her the first couple of chapters of the book I’m working on now. Took a while to get up the gumption to do it, but I did.

She had said that she’d try to get to the chapters as soon as she finished grading some of her students work. Not a half-hour had passed before I got this response…
screw the grading i am TOTALLLLLY HOOOOOKED 🙂
oh my God this is amazing lynn, OH WOWOWOWOW

And that was only the first of her reactions. “Hooked” is one of the words I love best, when it speaks of my work. “Hooked” has been the gift of Mary and Belinda and my dear B-Boy, Glorious and Wretched.

Claudia is considering reposting it; sharing it with her students. What greater compliment could there be.

To those of you who’ve already forgiven me my dark rant…for those whose praise speaks light into the darkness of my solitary endeavors…I love you.

No, I don’t. Insert the word “adore”: then you’re getting close.