An invitation. A request. A demand. And from those things, an uncertainty.

As of last night, the Chapter has invited me to go somewhere. I’m not sure where, exactly. Or whether it’s the right place to go. I’m not sure this is a voice I ought to be listening to.

An evolving Chapter makes strange requests. Requests that seem a little nuts. One does not want to surrender to the first idea—not necessarily. One wants to entertain the thought that there may be a better way. But the damned invitation is interesting. Compelling. The reasons-why are convincing. The logic is sound; the progression wrote itself. It could work. At least for now.

If I take the Chapter up on this invitation, if I take the steps it wants me to take into the chain of events that must follow this idea, I know I’m not locked in. I can rip out and re-do. But.

If I wander down that path, will I ever be able to find my way back? Is there a bear trap waiting around the next corner? A Big Bad Wolf? A rabid skunk? A malevolent highwayman? No way to know.

It requires a certain amount of faith, sometimes, to go where the Chapter asks you to go. And as much as you want to give your own brain the little bit of trust that your experience of it has earned, best not to give it too much. Trust doesn’t always work in a writer’s best interests. Some invitations are best left untaken. We shall see.