Yes, John Crowley, I’m talking about you.

One of the most delightful things about being in a creative field is the exposure to people who are incredibly, wonderfully good at what they do. John is such a person.

John is Sound Engineer Supreme for a wonderful company in Little Rock called Soundscapes. And a musician, to boot.

John is putting together the sound design for the trailer I’m doing for The Spiritkeeper (the book that’s being serialized for a bit longer on MyStoryLives…and which will have its own website home within a week or so.)  A trailer is, I believe, a revolutionary way to share what’s best and most interesting about a book…and John embraced the idea wholeheartedly.

I have seen this man create entire environments out of virtually nothing—notably, a commercial he and I did together in which he created a termite-infested basketball game that sounded for all the world as if it had been recorded live. And the Spiritkeeper trailer…oh my….

John hears stuff in a way that few other people in my experience do. He brings a musician’s sense of timing and nuance to creating vision in sound. He thinks like an actor. But he acts in sound. He’s effin’ amazing.

So John, consider this a thanks (one of an endless series that you’re due from me) and a tribute both to your ability and yourself (John is a notoriously nice guy on top of everything else.) I’ll be posting the link as soon as the video edit is done. And doing a lot of crowing about it, too.