Strange thing, waking up without someone in your world.

I remember my mom saying, just after my dad died, that she would go outside and realize that there was nowhere in the world she could find him.

It’s that was with characters. And lovers. And folks who you believed in your heart were friends.

Characters walk away. They decide for themselves, after a while. They make up their minds. They go their own ways. They don’t ask you if that will affect you in any way—they just do it. They have their own lives…they always did, maybe.

It’s a surprise when it happens. Every time, it’s a surprise. And how incredibly painful it is, that’s always a surprise, too. Don’t you remember how much we meant to one another? you ask. Don’t you know that I created you?

Answer is, no. They don’t.

Characters will do what characters will do. Their logic, their loyalties, their love is not made up of anything you can understand. Being abandoned by a character—without a word of regret or farewell—is as real and immediate as when it happens in real life. Knowing this makes you angry. And resentful Sometimes, it makes you wonder why you leave yourself open for hurt like this. Sometimes it makes you wonder why you made the effort at all.