The Spiritkeeper. The number of people who’ve read the thing front to back are countable on two hands—except you wouldn’t need all fingers in the counting. The reactions have been wonderful. Reactions don’t stay.

A book may remain in one’s head. And one’s heart. But praise fades. It had better do that…endless neediness from the writer is worse than boring. And yet, with each new reader, the hope rises fresh.

Just two days ago, I was lucky enough for the gift of another reaction…this one from a new friend I’ve met through social media. Her name is Jo Bryant. She is a Kiwi/Aussie, born in Oz, living in New Zealand. And she is a very gifted writer. Very. Take a look:

Jo was kind enough to read Spiritkeeper, the sating of the thirteen-chapter taste she’d gotten on the Spiritkeeper site. I think she finished it in a day. And she was kind enough to email me within the hour to share her reaction; kinder still to permit me to share it with you.

So, folks, please forgive this little self-indulgence. I give myself dispensation on a day when I truly need it. And I still marvel at a reaction that couldn’t have been more satisfying if I’d scripted it myself.

To Jo—and to those few, generous, carefully-chosen dear ones who have walked with me , wept with me and held my hand through a writing experience that remains one of the most extraordinary of my life, my eternal thanks.

Here is the text of Jo’s response. If you’d like to read the first 13 chapters, here’s where to go:

Hi Lynn,


I have just finished my first read through. I figured I would do it like this.

1. Read it right through – through a reader’s eyes.

2. Examine it – through a writer’s eyes.

So 1 is done, and it has taken me an hour to stop damn well crying.

I NEVER saw the ending coming.

And it broke my heart, as well as made it soar. Damn – I’m crying again just thinking of it.

You call this a love story.



It is everyone’s love story. The thing we seek without knowing it.

It’s a TALE.

For me – a tale is soooooo much more than a story.

A tale is something that needs to be told. It needs to be passed on.

This is a tale.

And you should FIGHT for it to be told.

Number 2 – will take a while. I am walking away from it for a day or two to be able to look at it without emotion.

Then I will look at it with a writer’s eyes.

A writer who is already in love with the essence – the tale.


Still crying – damn it woman !!!

p.s. I knew it was amazing because of something I did – I do it when a tale has wrapped itself around me. I kept skipping bits to get to the endings. Each paragraph, each chapter, the real ending. I had to make myself stop and go slow.

I do this with great books – books I never part with because I reread them to discover something I missed the times before.

Thank you for this, Jo. And to my other peeps (you know who you are) who’ve been there with me and for me…you know that it’s love.