Woke to mists on river and pasture, and the incredible generosity of a friend.

Gave myself the gift of sleeping-in, this morning. The gift of knowing that I can write, will write, today…but that I will read first.

The homework, this. The leveled playing field. The view of the moon in a daylight sky. I open my mind to that prism-rainbows that dance on the walls here on sunny mornings. I hold the light in my head, the way I hold the mug of hot coffee in my hands. Thoughts step up. Boxes and chaos fade.

The writing is there, waiting for me. The voyage into the Everything. The words will shape themselves in this held-off space. They will demand my company, my attention, my affection, my hurt, the best of the sense of wonder in me. But not quite yet.

This is the time to set the gratification of writing aside; to enjoy the Possibility of it. To let the richness of desire grow.

This is a day for me. If I were smarter, I’d realize that they all are.

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