The book walks the winding path to its end.  The comfortable rest of a final once-over rewrite awaits. And the next book has begun speaking to me, asking me.

Not so bad, that. But.

The days have been full. The tasks of moving and straightening and errands and job search have filled days, without much time left over. I’ve fit the writing into spare, stray afternoons and evenings. And I’ve been thinking, as I do, about the major hurdle that lay ahead:

The query letter. For The Spiritkeeper.

My beloved book wants to go out into the world. It wants readers. And to see it published conventionally, as well as electronically—before I take the step of publishing it online myself, in its entirety—the letter has to go out.

Fear lives there, where the letter does. In the sending, in the search for an agent, first, before the hunt for a publisher, the Most Fearsome Word dwells.

The word is “No.”

The reality is, that there will be rejections before acceptance comes. I know that, even as I believe that acceptance will find its way to me. But the letter comes first.

Dear friends Joni and Marc have offered to write the letter for me. The framework already exists, on The Spiritkeeper website. The actual letter is another thing altogether. The acknowledgment of fear.

Yeah, it’s the most obvious thing in the word to say, but when the work is turned away, so is the heart. Rejection tells us that we are not good people; that we are flawed and limited. No mother wants to be told that she has an ugly baby. Even if the teller is blind.

The fear will be faced. The letter will happen. The book will find its way to readers who, I hope, will love it as much as I have. But as time pressures resolve themselves in my changed life, the time for excuses is coming to an end. Time to face the fear. Time to begin the Quest.