I’m on the road today–getting stuff done in SGF, spending time with Glorious–so it might be a while before I can post anything substantial, if at all.

But I checked my emails this morning…and in response to yesterday’s post was this from Kiwi/Aussie Jo, a new friend and one of the folks who have been kind enough to read The Spiritkeeper. The comment felt so good, I hope that you’ll forgive my sharing it…

“I hear the call that The Spiritkeeper sends out. It is not a tale that is meant for a drawer – it is meant for the big wide world. And it will be published. I have great faith in that – nothing this good will go unnoticed. And when it is – are you ready for that??? Because this book will touch people, and it will spread, and be read, and read, and read. And it will become a book people will not lend  – in case they don’t get it back !”

Thank you, Jo, and thank you Kristina, for making my life a joy.