Today is my 500th post on WordPress. Hard to believe.

When I started this space in April of 2009, I intended for it to share the beauty of what I saw in Nature around me. When, exactly, I decided to change it—to turn in into writings about writing—I’m not entirely certain. But from the change has come greater understanding about writing and the Me of me. And greater joy.

I have been through many revelations since those early months of irregular, ragged posts and reader-friends in numbers that rarely cracked the double-digits. Sky Diaries is, these days, an even more intimate and disclosing reflection of who I am. More than that, it has become continuing chance to explore the labyrinthine wanderings of the writer’s mind. The tiger traps. The Mobius loops. The exquisite moments of gratitude and joy. I have once again found the writer in me…the one who’d been sleeping for years, wakened at last by the kiss of words. And the chance to awaken it anew in each day is a rare privilege.

In a way, 500 is an atificial number. Every day marks a fresh milestone. Every moment of self-examination yields another insight, and each is something to be cherished.

My dear friend Glorious remarked that she didn’t know how the writer does it—this finding of a new topic 5-6 times a week. I’m not sure I know the answer to that. How DOES one continues in the hope uncovering a new insight every time? Some days, it’s a challenge. Some days, I can’t stop myself from taking down the unexpected dictation of my thoughts. I can say this: The exercise of opening myself to the possibilities of understanding has been a remarkable thing.

Is it a self-indulgence to think that other writers—or lovers of the written word—will find resonance here; will find bits of themselves? Maybe. But to try for the unique expression of a moment…to find, even for an instant, the common air in which our infinite imaginations stretch their wings…isn’t that why we write? Or paint? Or sing? Or sculpt? Or dance? All of us?

So…to all of you who have stumbled on this space by accident…to those of you who have decided to come back…to the new friends I’ve discovered and whose wisdom I’ve been lucky to share…to those who have found some of their own quests as writers here…thank you. This space belongs as much to you as if does to me.


P.S. Just for the hellofit, the link to The Spiritkeeper, the work that shot me out of a canon back toward my love of writing. First 13 chapters are on me….