Rarely does a Friday morning e-salon pass that I don’t come away with a number of ideas for posts. These extraordinary fellow artists (Joan and Donna, talented writers, Marc an exceptional musician/songwriter) give me a once-weekly touch with a humanity and sensibility that takes my breath…and gives it.

Today’s session, no exception. We talked about the isolation of the creative life…the need for the aimless, formless energy that the company of others brings us. Energy as food. Energy as oxygen.

Being hermetically sealed in one’s own head can be like oxygen deprivation. Literally. The spirit slows down. The thoughts get muddled. Eventually, one lapses into unconsciousness—a creative immobility that precedes the inevitable death. It’s an oddly paradoxical situation for those who regard creativity as an essentially solitary act. Those of us who eschew the energy of company also find ourselves in need of it…a shaming realization.

Does the acknowledgment of the need for others undermine the integrity of our solo-ness? Perhaps not as much as I’ve been inclined to believe. Perhaps the need is no more unreasonable than the understanding that, even though we have eaten we will need to eat again.

The energy of smart, caring others fills our lives with oxygen. We breathe differently in that cherished company. We carry the breaths through to the rest of our daily lives, in the soul and head and heart. We buzz, we sparkle, we effervesce. Through that rare air, we have found our way into the light, if only for a short time. We have reconnected with that in-common Divine, the gift to ourselves that creativity is.

To Joni and Marc and Donna: Thank you for the big inhale and for what it carried; thank you, with all the oxygen in me.