Sometimes, things come apart. Human things…the mechanics of affection. Where a great and huge friendship had been, a smaller thing seems now to be. The food that is fondness is spare on the table. It is a love that is more missing than having.

The person lives in you, still…a building block of the heart and mind. Distance and past disagreement cannot diminish that living part; cannot make it go away. And you want the wholeness back.

Sometimes, despite distance of all sorts, that friend reads your mind…a tuning in to the same cosmic channel that occupies your thoughts. On that two-way channel, the friend begins sending you holograms of exactly what you’ve been thinking about–sometimes to the word…videos, texts and personal reflections that are the richening and substantiation of the very ideas that have been propelling the work at this end of the vibrating string.

This is for you, B-Boy, for your farther-seeing eyes. I don’t know whether you’re floating out what you think I’ll need, or whether we’ve met somewhere in the sky…but thank you.

I am walking with you. Talking. One of the miracles of a hard distance. You’ve never really gone away.