In today’s eSalon, friend and Indie musician Marc Farre stirred a topic and gave me food for musings here, as he always seems to do.

Two realities exist for the creative soul. One is the realm in which we create. The other is the harsher one outside us…the indifferent one that does not recognize us; does not recognize possibility.

Reality is much on my mind, these days. I am not a fan. I do not dwell happily where cynicism, injustice and indifference ply their trades so readily. I am not a contented citizen in a world where self-interest can change the lives of others so cavalierly; where doors fail to open or even to appear.

The “real” world and the reality where creation happens can be very much at odds with one another—at least, they are for this writer. The creative reality can be spiky and harsh; relentless and nagging. But the other reality, the real one, is just plain impossible. Creation-reality can be delicate and kind when we let it be. Real-reality eats hearts for breakfast. It kills its cubs.

Trying to live in both? How long can you hold your breath?

Living in the creative reality and ignoring the other one has dangers. When the “real” world intrudes, it hits harder than it would if we could maintain a personal force field, a shell of protection. And yet, although we borrow the trappings of the real world in our work, we can’t create with real scratching at the door. Hope is the oxygen of creativity…but there’s about as much oxygen in the real world as there is air at the summit of Everest. Good luck trying to breathe there.

We expect, somehow, that we will receive a karmic grace for all the hard work. We expect that all will be well…if for no other reason than that we hope it will. We leave our emotional doors open and invite the universe in.

Sometimes the universe has more important people to see.

Today, I will choose to live in a reality minus one. I will send myself to the imagined place and try to discover what needs me there. I will find the focus in the silence and open the door. I will pretend that the other reality does not exist.

Let’s just hope that nothing in the real world comes knocking today.