A week of questions, this. For myself and for you. At least, that’s how it feels from the vantage of Monday morning.

I wake, these days, rarin’ to write. Lemme at it. Takes all that I can do to complete the tasks that stand between me and the story–the exercising, the cat-feeding, the transcribing the arc of an idea, that I got while re-watching Capote again last evening.

That re-watch got me thinking. About the things that move us and inspire us; that grow bigger ideas out of fragmentary ones. The thinking was what may well turn this into a week of questions and conversations in this space.

Let me start with this one: What is/are your favorite chapter title(s)?

Chapter titles are among my favorite things about writing; a challenge I delight in. They are tricky little things. I’ve written about them before in this space.

They are the headlines for the ad, the story unit, that follows. They hint. They tease. They compel. They clarify and describe. Read a ToC with a well-written progression of chapter titles, and you (reader and writer alike) should find yourself panting to unwind their mystery. They are tiny songs; motifs of the grander work.

In my case, they might take the form of a tease (in this work: “The Last Days of Carson McCall”). They may describe a bigger plot point (“The Wars in Heaven”). I may even make you go to the dictionary to discover the title’s clue to the chapter’s greater revealings (“Eidolon”).

So…again…the question of the day: Your favorite chapter titles? They might be yours. Or somebody else’s. Today is the day to share the what of it. And the why.