Between my houseguest and the demands of job negotiations, posts will be somewhat erratic this week. My apologies. Patience, please.

In the meantime, food for thought….

When I was in high school, my writing teacher, John Kruzan, was the first person ever to tell me that I already had my own writing “voice.” To a young teen looking for her identity, that was an invaluable and lasting encouragement. It continues to be.

It is the question I now pose for you: What are the signatures of your written voice?

Unlike the old joke, all cats are not alike in the dark. What, then, makes you different?  What are the attributes of your personal writing style?

The question does not beg a narrow answer. Your style might be your signature words or rhythms. It may be your approach to pace or paragraph…it might be your take on a particular genre.

How do you approach your sense of voice?

How do you make it happen—or is it just natural to you?

How do you succeed when you succeed…or fail when you fail?

Let’s look at our work with a fresh eye, this week…and share what makes us us.