I don’t usually post on Sundays. I haven’t posted in nearly a week. It’s been a crazy several days…crazy good with an old pal visiting (we had a lovely time), and crazy-crazy in that I got a new job.

In fact, I almost had two.

Two offers. A tough choice. And now the true madness begins: the preparations for moving.

I have become catlike in my aversion to being physically unsettled. Or have I always been? I have increasingly rejected the traps and trappings of the maturing organism. But gathering the comforts of home around me—that’s something else entirely.

I was smart, this time, I think. I have organized this house in a way that will mean minimum disruption. Furniture from the storage unit, much of what’s in the office, a few things from my bedroom and I’m good to go. I have left my house relatively undisturbed, to lessen the shock when I come back for less-frequent visits.

This plan will require living more sparsely in Denver (at least, that’s what I keep telling myself; it usually ends up being an excuse to buy new furniture)…but the smaller space and higher costs of Denver living will make less-ness necessary. And that can be good, too.

My current living style notwithstanding, I rather like that neat, almost-Japanese aesthetic. Spare and modern is the way to live for a while, I think. A few well-chosen things, not a lifetime’s-worth. The writer’s head is cluttered enough as it is.

And the writing. I chafe against my own inactivity. As great as it was to have R. here, I miss sitting with the page. With a new job, I’ll miss having hours a day to attend to it. But, as Glorious said the other night, I wrote The Spiritkeeper with a full-time job…I’ll do the same with finishing Everything—and with the next one, too.

What do we need to live? The absolute necessities? For me, those things are these (and not at all in this order): food, water, a warm place to sleep, the kitties, my dear ones (even if they are far away, and they all will be). And the writing…first, last, always that.

I will soon gather the quiet around me again. I will find the rhythms of the place and of myself. I will fill myself with created worlds. This is the thing I need to survive. Wherever I am. The one thing.