Day started magnificently. The Light Rail station is across the street from the hotel. It is clean, quiet, well-maintained, with big windows that afford a lovely view of the mountains. Fast along the highway, slow as a cable car when it runs through the city streets.

Interesting, the highway. The concrete noise fences are decorated, as if fossils were pressed into them; swallows flying over terraced farmland…buffalo…tree branches…hills…abstracts…a new pattern every few miles, all of these monoliths spotless as if scrubbed clean.

First place I saw, I adored. Gold LEED certified. Modern and spotless, a charming and thoughtful use of the space. Solar panels on the roof bring down everyone’s electricity costs. All the appliances were new EnergyStar units, all the rooms have motion sensors for the lights. The place is filled with light. It’s across the street from a rather charmless Buddhist center, with an Asian grocery bigger than some of the local Brooklyn groceries I knew. I want. I want. But the flat I want most I may not be able to afford.

The second place was vast. Also new and neat, not as charming.

Lunch at a local place that was recommended to me. Wonderful…until, about an hour later, just after seeing my third apartment of the day, I was struck with an almost frightening attack of food poisoning. Decided to blow off the afternoon’s showing. Got hit again as I was waiting for the LightRail back to the hotel…had to ask the Walgreen’s manager to use the employee’s restroom; tried very hard not to pass out on the street.

More places to see tomorrow. A few on Friday. I am exhausted. I think I’m happy…I’m too tired to know.