Should we be careful of it? Or should we embrace it? Run away with it? Be seduced by it and make love with it?

When is optimism stupidity?

For now, a few grim, food-poisoned hours aside, I am holding an even keel. I have fallen in love with two apartments, both on a rent scale closer to NYC than I have ever faced. But I love both dearly. Tomorrow will ask a decision that will be scary to make.

I am loving the sky, here in Denver. I am loving the mountains. I am loving the very urban sophistication of this place—charming restaurants, art and artists, theater and music and dance, funky neighborhoods and classic ones…all in a contained area that is as walkable as NY was. People are friendly in a way that’s a cross between the laissez-faire attitude of NY and the overly-aggressive familiarity of the South. People care about the outdoors here…and why not? It’s to the west as far as the eye can see.

And the shopping…(not that I’m a shopper)…the big, glossy nationally-known retailers have their own highly polished village about 15 miles south of town. One could even take Light Rail there if one wanted to. Temptation is at a distance, should Temptation speak.

Will the bloom fall off the rose? Oh sure it will. Am I terrified at the prospect of paying so much rent? Waaaaayyyyyy. Is what I am seeing and feeling here enough to overcome my separation anxiety from the house on the river? We shall see. It’s minute by minute for now….