I think I’ve made my decision. About a place to live. I won’t know until I sleep on it. For now, I’m falling back on the classic side-by-side list. Here’s the thinking….

Flat #1                                                                        Flat #2

1255 sq ft                                                                        936 sq ft (219 less)

LEED-certified building                                                Not LEED

Architecturally cool                                                            Architecturally striking

Two bedrooms                                                            One bedroom

EnergyStar Appliances                                                Gas Range

4th flr (cat-pleasing)                                                            14th Flr (nothing for cats to see)

View of western sky & mountains                        Not much of a view

Little outdoor space/balcony                                    Bigger balcony

Closet built-ins                                                            More elaborate built-ins

Two full bathrooms                                                     1 bath, one powder room

Buddhist temple across street                                    Parking lot neighborhood

Utilities not included                                                Utilities included

Pet rent                                                                        No pet rent

Walking distance from office                                    Slightly less walking distance

Convenient to walk everywhere                                    Convenient to walk everywhere

More charming halls                                                More anonymous halls

Quiet                                                                                    Quiet

Fewer residents                                                            More residents

Money is a consideration…but as my friend Tony said, “Go for what’s going to make you happier”.  I think I know…..