Not a particularly well-written or exciting post, this evening. Sorry. I am one  tired woman. Tired and easy to please. Unpredictably, stupidly easy.

An errant scent. An unexpected taste. A surprising kindness. The sight from the motel parking lot of Clancy sitting in the fourth floor window happily watching everything going on below. The mountain peaks that still have snow. I can be demanding and difficult, I know. But I like to think that the easy-to-please me is the truest one.

We have been living in one room for several days. To my surprise, the cats don’t mind. To my further surprise, I don’t either. A clean room with a comfy bed and temperature that I can control. A TV to take my mind off my roiling thoughts. Free breakfast and happy hour. Happiness. Easy.

Take today. Looked at an apartment in a bijou glass building. Wayyyy too small for too much money in a lovely neighborhood. Met with the owner of one of the two apartments I loved, a wonderful, no-nonsense professional woman with whom I had a lot in common. Then a last-minute visit to a loft that would have been terrific if I’d been 15 years younger. Last, a check at the other place (a block away) to check on the status of my application (4:22 and still no word.) And then the fun….

Other folks go shoe-shopping. Or to a museum. I went to Whole Foods.

There are four in Denver. This one was huge (but not the biggest one, the manager told me.) Spotless. Well cared-for. Wonderfully friendly. There would be few reasons ever to go anywhere else (okay, Thai ingredients, maybe)…

What is it about a place where pretty much every item is a conscious and conscientious choice? Where the produce is pristine to the last leaf?

I brought dinner back from there…grapes in a color I’ve never seen, cheese in a variety unknown to me (Cypress Chevre Midnight Moon), and some of the most beautiful and flavorful artisan bread I’ve ever had. Pear Chocolate. Italian Green Apple water. Mango lemonade. The things that make me happiest can be the simplest ones. If they’re unexpected.

5:18, just heard that I got the apartment. Now, as it was with my job offers, I have two. I’ll sleep on it and decide by tomorrow. I can head back for the River tomorrow…to spend a couple of weeks before the new life begins…to get to know my sadly neglected characters again. I miss the writing. The easiest happy of all.