I felt it in the days, the years, after 9/11. After Joplin, Katrina, Sandy. I knew the feeling after explosions and tsunamis and crushing earthquakes. And now Moore.

It is the true, deep feeling that no one who was not there can truly identify with the vastness of loss…that, in the face of the awful psychic scream that is the tragedy of sudden death, happiness, lightness of being, has no place.

A town is gone. Scrubbed off the planet. How do those of us at a distance dare to have a feeling humble enough to contemplate such ruin?

We live the moment of silence because no word is enough.  We honor lost lives with all the solemnity in us. Joy is irrelevant at a time like this. An offense. And, in a way, so are blog posts.

So. A hiatus. For a day or so. Until the dust settles. Until the body count is final. Until tears have had a chance to dry.