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Sometimes, all it takes is one. The one who believes in you when you do not. The one who believes in you more, sometimes, than you believe in yourself. The one who loves you when you do not.

Not crazy, blind belief, this. This is the faith in the whole of you that you—being so busy beating yourself up—have not allowed yourself to accept. The one who seems to know what good you are capable of, even when you don’t.

This is the friend with whom you are willing to trust your weaknesses. The one before whom you are willing to lay down the illusion of strength that you carry masklike before you; the one before whom you are willing to lower your guard and let the tears come.

The one you hope will never disappear from your life as, daily, they never leave your heart.

The friend whose virtues you wish you had…the one whose wholeness you hope you can always deliver back with equal richness and generosity and faith, offering all the gifts they have given you.

If you are very, very lucky, you have a friend like that. If you are luckier still, you have several.

This was the friend that Kristina was last night. The friend she has always been.

In a world filled with doubt, thank you, Glorious, for being the country in my heart on which no doubt can live.


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