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Is there a writer alive who doesn’t live the characters aloud? Any one who of us who doesn’t walk through a scene, using the body to prove the images? Any of us who does not perform the characters into a mirror?

It’s a shaming confession, I know. A surfacing of the inner ham. A kind of no-harm-no-foul schizophrenia that puts the characters’ truths into our eyes and ears. A way to settle in the calming sounds of our own voices. A double-checking of rhythm and flow. In a person like me, whose unwillingness to appear foolish borders on the pathological, the test is an exercise in self-tolerance. Or blindness. I haven’t decided which.

There is a step further. Method writing. I’ve already suggested on these pages the lengths to which it can go…the frenzy of melancholy, the numbing despair that I revisited in order to bring that to a character at the end of love. An immersion into a sensory world that borders on the terrifying (or maybe just on the 60s). This is the calling-back of the joys and pains, the seeing and hearing and touching and tasting and smelling that has found a permanent place into our memories.

We write what we know. We re-create what we remember. We walk through it. We give it back to ourselves. As a person who does not believe that everything happens for a reason, this is the writerly experience that gives the lie to my belief.

You felt it. You heard it. You kept it. Use it.

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